All song entries must be mailed to Mitchikambo Music, P.O. Box 9136, Aspen, Colorado 81612-9136 and must be postmarked on or before March 1, 2005. Entrants' tapes and CDs will not be returned to entrants.

All songs must be the original lyrics and music of the entrant(s) and entrants may enter as many songs as he or she wants. All copyrights must be in place for all songs submitted and all copyright laws apply. Each song will be considered a separate entry and must have a separate Entry Form and other separate information and materials as described below.

An Entry Form with an original signature must be submitted for each song entry. See the "Entry Form" link on the home page.

Bluegrass, old-time music, country, or gospel songs will not be judged in separate categories.

Please submit only one song on a cassette or CD and label each cassette or CD with the song title, songwriter's name(s), address(es), telephone number(s), and e-mail address(es), if any.

For each song, please submit the written lyrics.

Please submit a check or money order for each song submitted in the amount of $15.00. Every $15.00 song entry entitles you to a complementary CD of Mike McCollum's new CD, "Just a Workin' Fool." Please do not send cash.

Neither Mitchikambo Music nor Mike McCollum shall be responsible for entries that have been damaged, lost, or post-marked late for any reason.

All prizes will be given in the names as shown on the Entry Forms. Entrants who win shall be responsible for dividing prizes among co-authors, if any.

Taxes are the responsibility of the winners. All state, federal and local laws and regulations apply - void where prohibited.

By the signatures of an entrant(s) on an Entry Form, entrant(s) warrant that the song submitted is an original work by the entrant(s) and releases Mitchikambo Music and Mike McCollum from any and all liability.

In order to be considered, each entry must be submitted according to the contest rules.