1. I'm So Happy to See You
  2. I'm Just a Workin' Fool
  3. One Last Sad Embrace
  4. Loving YOu Does Crazy Things to Me
  5. I'll Be Remembering You
  6. Pretty Little Weather Girl
  7. There's Just the Two of Us
    (me and my brokenheart)
  8. She's Tender That Way
  9. I Miss You More and More
  10. Lucky Dog


  1. New Fishin' Blues
  2. There's an Angel Standing Behind You
  3. Stepping Stones
  4. We Used To (Duet with Cheryl White)
  5. Step Into The Light
  6. I Know How You Feel
  7. Bittersweet Is Your Memory Tonight
  8. Someday I'll Go Home Someday
  9. I Dream that I'm Back In Time
  10. I'll Tell The World About My Love For You
  11. In My Tender Years
  12. Sleep My Angel, Sleep
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