Acoustic-dom desperately needs more singer-songwriters like Aspen, Colorado's Mike McCollum. In a world where there's a melancholic self-absorbed tunesmith on every corner, Mike's ebullient, heartfelt, sometimes joyous and always sweetly flavored compositions offer a much needed antidote. Equal parts folk, bluegrass and "old" country, Mike's spellbinding originals speak of the universal themes of love, work and sorrow in an uplifting and exquisitely original way. Propelled by unforgettable melodies, his tunes are infused with the innocence, bliss and sentimentality of days gone by.

Guitarist Jeff White, mandolinist Troy Engle, fiddler Michael Cleveland,
bassist Mike Bub and accordionist Jeff Taylor provide the perfect instrumental flourishes. The soaring harmonies provided by Dawn Sears, Andrea Zonn, Terry Eldredge and Jeff White often harken back to the days of pre-formulaic, non-assembly line country music-a kinder and gentler time when songs got right to the truth. And the truth Mike tells with a poignant and elegant simplicity. He pays homage to the working man in the title track, the rapturous joy of true love in "She's Tender That Way" and its flip side, the almost unbearable agony of lost love, in "One Last Sad Embrace." Mike also has an uncanny way with words and a wry sense of humor as demonstrated in his cleverly crafted look at relationships, "Lucky Dog," and everybody's favorite fantasy involving that alluring "Pretty Little Weather Girl."

Mike's songs will leave you with a smile on your face, transport you to
another place, awaken memories long since forgotten, get your toes to tapping and, most importantly, have you wishing all albums were as honest, unpretentious and pure. Enjoy!

Dave Higgs
Bluegrass Breakdown
Nashville Public Radio
Nashville, Tennesse